Bybaba = Investigating Design Studio + Sub-Couture Lab


± EASY PIECE . Open World Collaboration
open source design, art, craft and science collaboration
set out to develop a more sustainable wardrobe based on one piece
a holistic, high-value garment with identity
originating from a simple universal pattern
similar to an over-sized t-shirt or loose tunic
universal and versatile
to be adapted to local prerequisites and personal preferences for indefinite, diverse possibilities
developing local solutions to global problems
replacing globalization and out-of-hand consumerism
creating authentic collaborations between real people around the world
within planetary boundaries, respecting all life on Earth
and dynamic discussions on how we value ourselves and our clothes
looking beyond stereotypes, profit and time
empowering ourselves
giving meaning to clothes

More info and pattern - Can one garment save the world?
Easy Piece tumblr.

Photos above: Easy Piece show cases and prototypes by slow creations, Bybaba and Leluma Design

Embracing organic, ethical materials and processes, prolonging the loop

Operated by Runa Juhanisdotter a.k.a. Babaruna, out of Berlin, Germany & Borås, Sweden.