About Bybaba Fiber Circus

We are on a mission to prevent ecocide and create justice.

We are creative activists and investigating designers.

Our motto is: "Green Pirates don't waste the planet!”

We work to rid the world of disposable packaging and single use consumption. Well, we hope to replace fast consumerism with real life. We say REDUCE, reuse, repair, recover, recycle and respect! Long live the loop!

We fight for a world free of animal factoring, child labor, sweatshops, land grabbing, toxins and poor waste management.

We promote sharing, love and responsibility.

We organize DIY workshops, happenings, actions and have a Circus Shopstore.

We knit amazing upcycling jewelry, potato print on textiles and garments and make and spread cool, reusable food accessories.

We are a bunch of cast away toys and vintage crochet supervised by Babaruna a.k.a. Runa Juhanisdotter.